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Going from Grade 7 to 8
Set 1
Use these practice activities to help you stay sharp in your skills
and get ready to lead in your grade next school year!

7 Reading A
"Jury Duty" Read about a citizen's experience with jury duty

Analogies 10
botanist 'is to plants 'as' geologist 'is to' rocks, etc...

Absolute Value 1
Understand the absolute value of a rational number as its distance from 0 on the number line

A Triangle's Missing Angle 1
Calculate the measure of a triangle's missing angle based on the number 180

USA 13 Colonies
Identify the original 13 Colonies of the United States

US History & Civis 1
Most basic history & civics questions on states, offices, and the constitution (try Sets 2 & 3 also)

Legacy of the Roman Empire
Answer questions about the lasting effects of the Roman Empire

Print this page out to record your progress.